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 Who this is for:    These sessions offer an opportunity for those that train and condition their own hunting dogs to work in an informal setting on the training grounds of Hillside Springs Hunt Club.  Both flushing and pointing dogs are welcome.  Your dog must be at least 12 weeks old.  Basic obedience training and socialization with other dogs should already be established.


Activities:  After an initial period of getting to know each other and establishing the individual training needs, we will break out into groups at similar training stages.  Each group will include a member of Hillside Spring’s guide staff to assist with tips; give demos of different drills that can be performed and help coordinate that groups activities.  The field work will include a combination of drills and work over live birds. 


For those that only want to participate in some of the sessions, unit pricing is available, or save money with a prepaid training package.  The Full Training package includes all sessions plus 10 training chukar.  The Saturday Only package also includes 10 training chukar.  Packages are to be prepaid on or before the first session.


Come to any or all of the sessions as you want.  If you come to a session for the first time after the initial session, be sure to get here early so we can get you with the proper group.  Calling ahead to let us know you will be attending is appreciated.  You can also arrange to have some one-on-one training scheduled at a different time with a member of the guide staff for an additional fee.


Costs*:  Full package                          $300

              Saturday Only package         $225

              Unit Pricing

              Per each session                  Wednesdays - $25;  Saturdays $35

              Chuckar                                 $12.50

              Pheasant                               $20

             *Pricing is subject to sales tax and 4% credit card surcharge


Individual one-on-one training with an instructor: $30/hour.

Additional training birds will be available at discounted prices.




Frequently asked questions about Group Bird Dog Training at Hillside Springs Hunt Club

Q.  What is group training?

A.  Group training is a loosely structured opportunity for people with similar training goals for their dogs to work in the field with the assistance of other group members.  Everyone will take turns working their own dogs on drills and working over live birds and be expected to help others when they are working their dogs. 


One of the advantages of doing this training at a hunting preserve is the ability to train over and shoot live birds in simulated hunting situations.  Some may want to use this opportunity to introduce their dog to birds while others may bring experienced dogs to get them tuned up for the hunting season.


Q.  What topics are covered in the training?

A.  Topics will vary greatly depending on the specific needs of the dogs in attendance.  These topics may include any of the following: Hunting group etiquette; Health and nutrition for the hunting dog; Hunting dog conditioning; Safety in the field and emergency first aid; Reinforcing sit-stay-come in hunting situations; Using check cords; Introduction to gunfire; Introduction to birds; Training with and without a training collar; Marking drills; Working hunting patterns; Staying in range; Using a whoa post; Tracking and Trailing; Trained retrieve (force fetching); Water retrieves in still and flowing water; Blind retrieves; Steady to wing & shot; Honoring; Working with gun shy dogs.


Q.  Who is the trainer?

A.  You are.  There will be experienced dog trainers here to offer assistance and to coordinate activities, but it is up to you to decide how and what you want to do with your training.


Q.  Are birds included in the training fee cost?

A.  Only with prepaid packages.


Q.  Will my dog become distracted by the other dogs and think it is playtime instead of work?

A.  No.  You will be working your dog by itself with the assistance of other members in the group, unless you are working on a drill or a hunt specifically designed for more than one dog.


Q.  How much basic obedience is expected before bringing my dog to these sessions?

A.  Your dog should be fairly competent with sit, stay, come and heel.  It should be well mannered around strangers and other dogs.  Note: dogs aggressive toward other dogs or people will not be permitted.


Q.  Can I bring my kids to these sessions?

A.  We always encourage young people to get involved with outdoor and hunting activities.  Your kids are welcome as long as they are actively involved with the training.  Younger kids that may be a distraction to the dogs and training process are best left at home.


Q.  What equipment will I need to bring with me?

A.  Depending on what you plan to do, here are some things you may want to bring: collar and lead, check cord, water bottle, whistle, throwing bumpers, shotgun and shells, e-collar, beeper collar, orange vest, orange hat, eye protection (required for everyone in the vicinity of shooting); ear protection.


Q.  Will my dog need to be collar conditioned for these sessions?

A.  Use of an e-collar is a personal preference.  If you plan on using one, it  is recommended that your dog has been collar conditioned before beginning any work over live birds.


Q.  What about feeding and watering my dog on training days?

A.  Working your dog with a full stomach is not a good idea.  It increases the risk of the stomach flipping (bloat).  I do not feed my dogs less than four hours before nor an hour after hard workouts.  If you feed twice a day, you may want to consider feeding a little extra the evening before a morning training session and a small portion after training.  Water should be constantly available in moderate amounts.   Avoid letting your dog drink a large amount at any time prior to or during a hard workout.


Q.  Is there any difference between the Wednesday evening and Saturday morning sessions?

A.  Not really, just a little less time on the Wednesday sessions.


Q.  Will I need to get a dog training permit from the DNR to be able shoot live birds out of season?

A.  No, you will be able to shoot birds under the Hunting Preserve license that Hillside Springs has while you are on the preserve.


Q.  Will these sessions be held rain or shine?

A.  If it is possible to work, the sessions will be held.  If there is severe weather, steady rain or extreme heat in the immediate forecast, we will reschedule a training session to a date that best fits the schedule of those that have prepaid for the sessions.


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